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Let me write your workouts for you!  

Do you want to learn basic strength training, kettlebells skills, and habits to create consistency?  This is the service for you!  I will send you custom workouts based on your goals and accessibilty to equipment.  This is the next best thing to personal training.  


Following a custom program is the best way to see results and make progress in your fitness!

What is Remote Programming?  

- A remote programming service is where I send you workouts, including exercise selection, instructions, etc., and you complete the workouts on your own time.  This is best for those who feel confident and comfortable doing workouts without a coach there, but would like the guidance, expertise and structure of a custom workout program. 

Click below to inquire about a custom program:

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Please email me to inquire about 1:1 personal training sessions.

I currently offer limited virtual (zoom) and in-person (West Hollywood) sessions.

Individualized nutrition counseling is not included in any fitness services.  

Please see NUTRITION SERVICES for these offerings. 

The Kettlebell Corner: ABOUT

The Kettlebell Corner is my unique approach to strength training, conditioning, and fitness led by me, Kelli Foerster, RKC kettlebell coach, NASM certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and functional movement specialist.  

I started the concept of the Kettlebell Corner in 2020 when gyms were closed, and all I had access to was a few kettlebells and a corner of my bedroom.  I learned the ins and outs of these odd shaped hunks of iron and quickly found a new sense of empowerment, strength, and confidence in my own training that I had never before.  This lit a new fire in my fitness soul and once I began incorporating kettlebell skills into my client's training programs, I started to see unbelievable improvement in movement quality and overall progress like never before.

Why the kettlebell?  Though it really was a coincidence that I owned a few kettlebells at the start of my journey, I've learned that a kettlebell is a powerful tool for building strength, mindfulness, patience, power, intention, endurance, and athleticism for all levels. Kettlebell training encourages simplicity in your training for maximum effectiveness.  Additionally, there is great value in getting to know and love your training modality and building familiarity with your equipment.  Kettlebells are versatile and compact, allowing full workouts in a gym, living room, park, or anywhere life takes you.  


Join now for kettlebell workouts, coaching, and support to help you build a consistent exercise routine that you enjoy. 

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