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Do you want to learn how to train with kettlebells? Are you looking to establish a fun and consistent strength training routine with minimal time, space, and equipment?

Kettlebell Kickstart is for you!

Join my12-week signature workout program 

+ get my complete guide to the basic strength training exercises and kettlebell skills.


Form Feedback Video Submissions

Submit videos of your kettlebell movements and get detailed feedback, tips, cues, and corrections to help improve your form. 


1:1 Personal Training

Train with me, 1:1 via Zoom or in person (West Hollywood, CA). Availability is limited. 

Limited Time Only!!

Learn how to do the Turkish Getup! Tutorial straight from Kettlebell Kickstart!

Special offer: $35
*Can be applied to the full kettlebell kickstart guide within 30 days

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​​Kelli is an excellent trainer and I have had the best experience working with her over the past year! We began sessions in person, and Kelli seamlessly transitioned me to remote training once the pandemic hit. She made it so easy for me to keep up my workouts, varying my training, adjusting goals as-needed, and always providing a listening ear to make sure I’m getting the most out of my training experience. Kelli’s positivity, optimism, and desire to motivate her clients and have them believe in their ability to change is so invaluable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get fit, adopt better habits, and assume a more positive mindset on health and full body wellness!

-Elana G.