Personal Training

Personal Training

Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states

                                                     - Carol Welch

I Specialize in kettlebell and bodyweight modalities for basic strength training, endurance, and mobility.  

Interested in learning more about kettlebell training? Want to improve your technique? Just looking for a new, fun way to work out? Shoot me an email.. let's chat!

Kettlebell training is suited for all ages and all levels and abilities.  

Great for training at home or at the gym!

To get the most out of training, I highly recommend you have access to at least 2 kettlebells (a light and a moderately heavy bell) and a pull-up bar.  Most workouts can be substituded with dumbbells as well.  We can discuss equipment prior to the start of training.  

Training Options:

1:1 Personal Training

I offer 60-minute, personalized workout sessions.  Due to COVID safety, these sessions will be conducted via Zoom, at a local park in the Burbank area, or at your home (outside, socially distanced, I wear a mask).

1:1 sessions are completely customized to you and your specific training goals and are form-focused, to ensure safety and efficacy.  

I typically work with clients, in person, 2-3 times per week, or 1-2 times per week in conjunction with a CORE, online training program.  

1:1 sessions are an ideal starting point to begin training with me.  Many clients often transition to CORE, online training programs when they feel comfortable with their form and ability to follow workouts on their own.  

Great for those brand new to kettlebell training to learn and lay a strong foundation. Click the more info tab for details. 

Online Training

(CORE Program)

A personalized workout plan is a simple and effective way to approach your fitness goals.

My online training program, CORE, is a workout program that you can do from anywhere, on your own time. Unlike a generic workout program, this plan is completely customized to you, your abilities, your goals, and your schedule based on movement assessments and ongoing communication.

  • All workout programs are delivered via the TrueCoach app.  You will receive all the workout information and video demos for each exercise so you will know exactly what to do. 

  • You get 3-5 workouts per week, adjusted and updated, based on your feedback as you move through the program.

  • Get accountability and utilize goal setting prompts.

There are several different tiers of the CORE program, offering different levels of coaching and communication based on your needs and skills. Click the more info tab for details. 

Coaching Combo

Nutrition + Fitness

Please note that nutrition coaching is not included in any fitness plan. 

Interested in adding nutrition coaching into your wellness plan?  Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand and I highly recommend all my fitness clients do a couple of nutrition sessions to get the most out of their exercise regimine.

CONTACT ME for more information and pricing on combo coaching. 


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