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Nutrition Services

Are you ready to optimize your health and nutrition? With a holistic approach to diet and lifestyle we explore not just food but also stress, sleep, movement, underlying health, relationship to food, and body image.  I work with clients to support health and behavioral goals without dieting or unnecessary restriction for lasting change that feels good and supportive. 

See how nutrition counseling can help you!

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I commonly work with individuals to address:

​Clinical Goals:

  • Bloating, gas, and digestive discomfort

  • PMS and menstrual irregularities

  • Diarrhea or constipation

  • Reflux

  • Stress/nervous system dysregulation

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Fatigue

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Sleep issues

​Behavioral Goals:

  • ​​Binge Eating

  • Disordered Eating

  • Stress around food choices

  • Habit formation

  • Nutrition for exercise, and sports performance. 

  • Lifestyle nutrition unique to musicians, actors, and entertainment professionals

...and more  

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The Nutrition Care Process:



Free Intro Call

Getting started with nutrition counseling can be intimidating, and it's important that you find a practitioner and program that is the right fit for your needs.  Please schedule a free, 15-minute phone call so we can get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit.

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The Assessment

Proper nutrition advice requires a proper assessment.  With an intake questionnaire and a 60-minute assessment session, we assess nutrition, health, and lifestyle, as well as your goals and desired outcomes.  You will receive personalized recommendations based on my assessment.

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Functional Testing

Depending on your needs, functional testing is available to those whose cases require a more in-depth exploration.  Testing kits are at an additional cost, and options include:

  • Hormone testing (DUTCH)

  • Comprehensive stool testing

  • Organic acids testing

  • Nutrient status (Nutreval or Metabolomix)

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Follow-ups and Ongoing Support

Nutrition care is a slow process.  For long-term and sustainable change, we utilize regular check-ins to slowly incorporate diet and lifestyle habits, tweak and adjust your plan as needed, and explore relevant nutritional topics.

I work with most clients for a minimum of 3-6 months, meeting weekly or biweekly.

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 Food fuel, health, culture, individuality, comfort, tradition, and celebration.  

Food is personal. Food is powerful. Food is Fun.

This is a completely personalized nutrition program, just for you. 


What is included in nutrition counseling services?

All sessions include:

  • A personalized 1:1 virtual session, via Zoom. 

  • Custom recommendations and nutrition/lifestyle care plan based on your assessment and goals. 

  • Virtual check-ins and re-assessments as needed

  • A secure client portal with easy access to your recommendations, education material, and journals.  

  • Custom recipe booklets 

  • Chat support in between sessions

  • 15% off professional-grade nutrition supplements

  • Care coordination for those who wish to include nutrition in your care team of doctors, therapists, and/or specialists. 

My goal is to lose weight.  Will we be a good fit?

If weight loss is your only goal, we may not be a good fit.  My nutrition recommendations are rooted in scientific evidence, and current research shows that intentional weight loss through restrictive dieting poses negative long-term physical and mental health repercussions and does not support sustained weight loss.  Instead, I help clients to focus their efforts on actionable behaviors and habits that support full-body health and well-being, which may or may not result in weight loss.  It is okay to have body composition goals, but in order to address these goals, I require an appropriate, health-focused approach and a body-positive mindset.  In my practice, weight loss and body composition can be adressed and montiored when approrpriate, but are not forefront goals or measurements of success.  Schedule a call to discuss what our approach would look like. 

Do you offer just single consultation sessions?

No, I require the full assessment bundle for all clients, which includes two sessions; the assessment session and a follow-up session.  In my experience, recommendations and follow-through are most successful when we meet twice.  While I believe ongoing support for a minimum of three months is the most effective use of your investment, you can complete the assessment bundle without any other additional sessions.

Will I get calorie and macro recommendations?

This depends on the your needs and goals.  Counting and tracking calories and macros is not the only way to make nutrition changes, and is not always the most supportive intervention.  I make recommendations based on the client's preferences and most people actually find relief by learning alternate ways to balance their diet.

Are workout programs included in your nutrition plans?

Depending on the client's goals and needs, I may make workout recommendations, suggestions, and goals. If you would like a fully comprehensive, and custom workout program, this is a personal training service and requires an additional fee.  Please contact me for more info. 

I have an eating disorder.  Are we a good fit?

Yes. I work with clients with current and past eating disorders as long as you are currently working with a therapist as well.  If a client has active eating disorder symptoms, I require contact with your therapist for your safety and well-being. Please contact me to discuss what your care plan would look like. 

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes. I partner with Open Path, Healing Arts Collective, to offer reduced rates to those in need of financial assistance.  *All financial assistance clients must verify their financial needs through Open Path.  Please contact me for more info and to inquire about my current financial aid availability.

Do you accept Insurance?

No.  I do not accept insurance or provide superbills. I do offer interest-free payment plans if needed. 

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