Welcome to the page where I talk about my favorite topic: FOOD!

Learn Your Veggies:

Want to start eating healthy but not sure where to start?  Want to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level?  Craving some variety?  Want to manage your health via food?  You've come to the right place!

Every week I break down a different vegetable, explain health benefits, suggest ways to prepare it, and offer simple and tasty recipes so you can start incorporating it into your life! 


I like to call my recipes "rough-recipes" because I believe the best way to become comfortable in the kitchen is to learn by trial and error.  For most of my recipes, I provide the inspiration, suggestions and basic foundation for you to bring tasty dishes to life!  Don't be frightened!  My recipes are very easy!  Check them out below!


For all things nutrition and lifestyle, check out my blog!

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