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Kickstart your kettlebell practice: 

The Guide:

  • Downloadable PDF guide includes:

    • The basic principles of hardstyle kettlebell training

    • Safety and precautions 

    • Proper breathing, tension, and core activation

    • 4+ hours of video content, including exclusive coaching, tutorials, and tips + troubleshooting for the following movements: 

      • Hip Hinge/Deadlift​

      • Kettlebell Swing

      • Kettlebell Clean

      • Squat

      • Lunge

      • Press

      • Row

      • Turkish Getup

      • Kettlebell Snatch

    • + Tips on how to program your own workouts​​

*The guide alone does not include a workout program*

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Workouts + Coaching:

  • Experience a kettlebell training program:

    • Get 12 weeks of programmed kettlebell workouts designed to help you create consistency, build strength, learn skills and have fun.

  • Workout at your own time:

    • Workouts are delivered through a specialized coaching app with written instructions and video demos, so you'll know exactly what to do each day. 

  • I'm here for you:

    • Submit weekly form videos for personalized feedback and tips.

    • Ask questions, get advice, and take advantage of individualized support and accountability. 

  • You will need:​

    • A minimum of two kettlebells​ (Click here for recommendations)

    • 30-40 minutes, 4 days/week