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Approach to Wellness

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Kelli Foerster, MS, CNS, CPT

Certified Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer

Hey there! I'm Kelli and I'm so glad you are here.  I'm a nutritionist and trainer who helps people just like you figure out their nutritional needs, improve their relationship to food, and feel their best.  As someone who has personally struggled with binge eating, health issues, and overall stress and confusion around food, I understand how frustrating it is.  But you've come to the right place because I'm confident that I have the tools to help you reach your goals and live your life without always stressing about food.  Let's do it!


Kelli provides a variety of 1:1 nutrition and fitness coaching services

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Learn about food and your dietary needs, create supportive lifestyle habits, and build a healthy mindset around health.

Functional Nutrition Care

Utilizing the principals of functional medicine, we explore underlying root causes affecting your health and implement targeted nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement interventions to find balance. 

Fitness coaching

Get personalized guidance and support to help optimize your physical activity levels, strength training regimen, and overall movement.  

What Clients Are Saying: 

"Kelli has helped me evaluate my current habits and help me seamlessly create new ones."
“Kelli found areas where I could make meaningful, long-term changes and she remained patient and encouraging as I adapted new strategies for achieving my goals.”
"The work we did together really changed my relationship with certain foods, my outlook on nutrition and honestly have me a lot of freedom!"

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