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Do you want to learn how to train with kettlebells?  Are you looking to establish a fun and consistent strength training and workout routine with minimal time, space and equipment?  


Kettlebell Kickstart is for you!

This is a video course to teach the proper technique of kettlebell + strength training AND a 6-week training program to put your new skills to practice.  You will receive the explanations, cues, and tips that I give my 1:1 personal training clients!

You will learn:

  • The basic principles and safety of hardstyle kettlebell training

  • Proper breathing, tension, and core activation

  • The strength grinds: Hip Hinge/Deadlift, Squat, Press, Row, and Turkish Getup

  • Kettlebell Ballistics: Kettlebell Swing, Clean, and Snatch

There are TWO Kettlebell Kickstart options:

Kettlebell Kickstart

(BASIC - without coaching)

  • Completely self paced

  • Delevered via PDF + video links that you can keep forever

  • OPTIONAL: Discounted rate for form feedback video submissions (discount is good for 6 weeks)

Kettlebell Kickstart (PREMIUM - with coaching)

  • The same exact content of the BASIC option PLUS:

    • 6 weeks access to your program delivered through an interactive app where you can submit videos for feedback, ask me any questions via messaging, and work with me to customize the workouts to fit your needs.

  • *This is a seamless way to start the Kettlebell Corner Signature Coaching program after you complete the 6 weeks.  


If you have kettlebell experience, if you've completed Kettlebell Kickstart, OR if you prefer to work together in another format, check out the services I offer below: 

The Kettlebell Corner Signature Coaching Program:

Learn Kettlebell skills and follow a training plan catered to you and your goals all from the comfort of your home (or anywhere!) and on your own time (the program is 100% remote)

Receive 4 workouts per week via an easy-to-use app.  Every workout and exercise comes with instruction, cues, video demonstrations, and rep/weight recommendations. 

Get unlimited form feedback by submitting videos and ask me questions via in-app chat to hone in and really get the most out of your training.  This is the next best thing to personal training!  

Form Feedback Video Submissions

  • Perfect for those following a grab-and-go program and need some form feedback for kettlebell skills and strength movements. 

Nutrition Coaching

  • Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand.  Please see my nutrition services page and contact me if interested

Grab and Go Kettlebell Programs

  • Purchase workout programs delivered via PDF.

  • Completely self-paced and repeatable.

  • *Must have kettlebell experience or have completed the Kettlebell Kickstart 6-week program and feel comfortable with the basic movements. 


Zoom Personal Training

  • Train with me, remotely, 1:1 for completely customized and personalized workouts, real-time.  Can be used as a single session for skill work, or regularly for a continuous personalized program. 

  • *Limited availability*

In-Person Personal Training

  • Train with me in person.

  • I train at a gym in West Hollywood, CA. 

  • Please contact me if interested