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The anatomy of the human body is designed for movement.  Movement is good for the mind, body, and soul and is an extremely important aspect of health.  

My goal is to help you create an effective fitness routine that you don't have to stress about.

I provide individualized programs that incorporate safe strength training, cardiovascular training, mobility, and recovery for all levels.  

I specialize in functional strength training and kettlebell training for a fun, highly effective, low impact, and skill-based workout.  

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My core training program is your fitness solution.  With this program, I provide you with the best of both worlds: All the perks of a personal trainer and individualized programming for your specific goals, combined with the ultimate schedule flexibility. 

Each Core program is delivered on an easy to use app, where you will receive your workout schedule and all of your workouts.  Within the app, I provide video demonstrations for each exercise in addition to written instruction, rep ranges, and weight recommendations to set you up for success for each workout.  This easy to use app allows you to leave feedback, upload videos for form checks, and communicate with me via the in-app messenger. 

The Core program is centered around the kettlebell.  Basic strength training and kettlebell ballistics are emphasized and all skills and techniques will be taught in a digestible manner, so all levels are welcomed.  It is highly recommended that you have a few kettlebells to get the most out of this program, but can also be modified to dumbbells.  Other useful pieces of equipment are a TRX suspension trainer, a pull-up bar, and a foam roller. 

Regardless, this program is designed for you.  Tailored to your goals, preferences, abilities, schedule, and equipment accessibility. Please contact me to discuss how this program can work for you!

There are 3 tiers of the Core Program, depending on your needs:

CORE Program



  • 3-5 individualized workouts per week

  • Program adjustments as needed based on requests and feedback​​

  • Movement assessments and progress tracking based on goals

  • Monthly video call with me to check-in and ask any questions

- Great for those with exercise experience looking for a consistent and well-designed workout routine.

- It is recommended that you have some experience and foundational knowledge of the squat, deadlift/hip hinge, and press.



  • Everything in the BASIC plan + 2 monthly zoom personal training sessions.

- This plan is perfect for those that want to take their training to the next level and stay on top of form and technique with a live personal training session 2x a month for real-time coaching.  

- Recommended for those with medically cleared discomforts, such as knee or occasional back pain for form corrections and sessions for in-depth technique and alignment practice. 

Core MAX


  • Everything in the BASIC plan + 4 monthly zoom personal training sessions.

- This plan is great for beginners or those new to kettlebell skills.

- Great for those needing extra accountability and communication.

- Recommended for those with medically cleared discomforts, such as knee or occasional back pain. 



  • Need a plan to compliment your current fitness routine? This plan is flexible and may be a good option for those looking to hone in on a particular skill, but who don't need an entire workout plan.  This is an option for those who need only a few specific drills and exercises per week.  This is not a standalone workout plan. 

Prices vary depending on programming needs.

Interested in a Core Plan?  Please contact me to get started

All In-Person training sessions will be socially distanced and I will wear a mask at all times.  

COVID safety is top priority and terms will be discussed beforehand. 

Personal Training



  • 1-hour personal training session via video conference

  • Perfect for a standalone workout, or an ongoing workout plan

Park Workout


  • I train at various parks in the North Hollywood and Burbank area.  

  • 50 Minute sessions

  • All socially distanced and well sanitized

  • I can supply kettlebells and TRX Suspension Trainer as needed.

  • You are required to supply a workout mat. 

- Dual and small group sessions available (3 participants, max)

**Limited availability 

Please contact me if interested

House Call


  • Personal training right at home!

  • Outdoor space is required to allow for proper social distancing.  Indoor locations must be discussed and approved before the session. 

  • Must be located within a reasonable distance from Burbank, CA.  Location subject to approval.

- Dual and small group sessions available (3 participants, max)

**Limited availability 

Please contact me if interested

Interested in personal training?  Please contact me to get started

Like a Pop Up Boutique for Workouts!

These pop-up sessions are announced 3-6 days in advance on a  first-come, first-serve basis.  

All sessions are 45 minutes to allow for sanitation and transition between sessions. 

Locations and times vary.

Pop-up sessions are lower than my standard rates and are a great opportunity to hone in on skills, recieve form feedback and get a great workout!

Pop Up Personal Trianing



  • Private 45 minute session, catered to your needs and requests. 



  • 2 Person maximum.  Socially distanced unless you live in the same household.  

Check Pop Up Schedule for upcoming sessions available


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