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Welcome to the BOLD Nutrition Method, designed to help you cut through the confusion and discover the best ways to fuel your unique body.  Let me provide you with approaches that work, unbeatable support, and recommendations you can trust.  Ready to feel your best?! 


It's time to embrace a balanced and nourishing approach to food. 

Nourishment is so much more than the food on our plates.  It's about providing our body the fuel to live fully, with energy, satisfaction, vitality, joy, and peace.  I understand the journey of creating a healthy relationship with food while finding more sustainable approaches to health because I have been there myself.  I designed the BOLD Nutrition Method program to give you clarity, direction, and results that feel good and balanced.  We utilize an effective, multi-approach method with elements of functional medicine nutrition, behavior change, mindful-based nutrition, and sports nutrition for the most optimal plan that makes sense for you.  
I promise that this program will change the way you view food forever.  

-Kelli Foerster, MS, CNS, Coach and Creator of the BOLD Nutrition Method

How The Program Works


Submit an Application

This is your obligation-free way to request more information.  We can chat by phone or email to determine if my services fit your needs.  I want to make sure you feel confident in your decision to work together!


Complete The Assessment & Introduction

Once enrolled, you'll book your first introduction session.  Every client completes a 90-minute session to assess goals, get to know each other, and get the ball rolling.  Before your session, you'll complete some questionnaires to help me learn more about your nutrition, lifestyle, and health needs.  Depending on your needs and goals, the assessment process may include lab assessment and opportunities for functional lab testing (including stool testing, hormone testing, and nutrient testing).



This is a 3-month minimum program with the most supportive and personalized recommendations to help you reach your goals and establish confidence and clarity in your nutritional needs.  You will have weekly check-ins, 6 Zoom sessions (2 sessions per month, including your intro session), and the most comprehensive and holistic support around.  I require three months because long-term, sustainable progress toward nutrition, health habits, and goals takes time and patience.  If you aren't ready to commit three months, we won't be a good fit to work together.  Most clients work with me for 3-12+ months, depending on goals and needs.  


I help clients find relief from clinical conditions such as:

  • IBD, IBS, SIBO, GERD, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, or other digestive irregularities.

  • Hormone health, reproductive health, fertility, PMS, and menstrual cycle-related symptoms.

  • Mental health challenges using diet/lifestyle, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, and OCD.

  • Thyroid health, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

  • Other: Anemia, chronic fatigue, sleep issues

I support clients with:

  • Weight management (weight loss, gain, maintenance) and body composition (lean muscle) while maintaining healthy body image and relationship to food.  

  • Emotional eating, binge eating, under-eating/restrictive eating, chronic or "yo-yo" dieting, stress around food, and food aversions. 

  • Exercise habits, strength training, cardiovascular training, and daily movement habits.

  • Sports nutrition for athletic performance, recovery, strength, and endurance.  I specialize in working with runners, dancers, and general population fitness enthusiasts.

  • Nutrition for entertainment professionals: Unique needs and approaches for musicians, actors, and production.


I work with a wide variety of health conditions. Please describe what you are looking for support with in your application so we can determine if my services and specialties are a good fit.

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Principles of The

⭐️Foundational Mindset

The cornerstone to long-term, sustainable health-promoting habits is a healthy mindset.  We support the psychological, emotional, and social aspects of food, dieting, and body image while addressing any unsupportive past or present beliefs around food to help you feel less consumed and more at peace with your food and health habits.

⭐️Fundamental Nutrition & Lifestyle

You’ll learn how to meet your basic dietary requirements and establish habits that support your day-to-day life.  With recommendations based on current nutritional science and research, you can be confident that you're making optimal choices for your body.  Lifestyle factors, including sleep, stress, and daily movement are also addressed to ensure a well-rounded approach to wellness. 

⭐️Functional Health

It's hard to feel your best when your body isn't performing optimally.  Utilizing the principles of functional medicine nutrition, we identify and support underlying imbalances, conditions, and symptoms using tailored nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle therapies.  As needed, advanced health history assessment, signs and symptoms, labs, and other metrics uncover unmet nutritional needs that may help rebalance your health and improve your vitality. (Care coordination with your healthcare team is available to provide optimal support in complex cases). 

⭐️Fitness and Fueling

Fitness, nutrition, and health go hand in hand.  Within the BOLD Nutrition Method, I help you navigate different methods of exercise to support your goals effectively and sustainably.  Additionally, we utilize sports nutrition tactics to optimize energy balance, macronutrient intake, hydration, and more to fuel your body for optimal performance and recovery so athletes and fitness-goers alike can get the most out of their exercise efforts. 

What My Clients Are Saying:

A friend recommended that I work with Kelli after I struggled with severe anxiety for months. My anxiety caused unintentional weight loss and the desire to only eat bland foods. This was the first time I had ever worked with a nutritionist, so I didn't know what to expect. 

To start, Kelli created a very approachable program that began with introducing supplements into my diet, re-training my brain to find joy in flavorful foods again, and managing my anxiety without excessive fitness as a solution. Once we built that foundation, Kelli taught me how to gain weight in healthy manner. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how to gauge macros (without calorie counting) and how to structure my workouts to reach my goals. 

The last 4 months, however, have exceeded my expectations! I have learned tools that will stick with me forever. Thank you, Kelli!


-Alexis, Nutrition Client

Kelli is the best! As someone with a very active and athletic lifestyle, I started working with her to better utilize, understand, and improve my nutrition. She will help you assess your goals and pinpoint any issues or areas you feel you need help with. Kelli has helped me improve my energy levels, my sleep, my approach to food, and even my hormones. Kelli is amazing, super thorough, warm, professional, and full of knowledge. She is such an amazing resource and is always available for any questions. I would recommend her services to absolutely anyone.  A++++ 


-June, Nutrition Client

Kelli was such a huge part of me getting my nutritional needs met and better yet, understood. We met with the goal of optimizing my nutrition, before my husband and I started trying to get pregnant. The work we did together really changed my relationship with certain foods, my outlook on nutrition and honestly gave me a lot of freedom! I felt really restricted before we worked together and now I have so many more healthy options and variety to keep my levels optimal!

Huge thank you to Kelli!! Highly, highly recommend working with her!


-Sydney, Nutrition Client

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Packages & Pricing FAQ

  • Will I get calorie and macro recommendations?
    This depends on the your needs and goals. Counting and tracking calories and macros is not the only way to make nutrition changes, and is not always the most supportive intervention. I make recommendations based on the client's preferences and most people actually find relief by learning alternate ways to balance their diet.
  • Are workout programs included in your nutrition plans?
    Depending on the client's goals and needs, I may make workout recommendations, suggestions, and goals. If you would like a fully comprehensive, and custom workout program, this is a personal training service and requires an additional fee. Please contact me for more info.
  • What is a Certified Nutrition Specialist?
    A certified nutrition specialist, or CNS, is an advanced clinical nutritionist specializing in personalized, evidence-based nutrition. A CNS has a Master's level degree in nutrition, has passed a rigorous board exam, completed 1,000 hours of supervised clinical experience, and has approval from the Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists and The American Nutrition Association. A CNS is among the highest of credentialed nutritionist professionals. Learn more about the CNS HERE. Learn more about the ANA HERE
Packages and Pricing
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