The Kettlebell Corner Signature Coaching Program:

Learn Kettlebell skills and follow a training plan catered to you and your goals all from the comfort of your home (or anywhere!) and on your own time (the program is 100% remote)

Receive 4 workouts per week via an easy-to-use app.  Every workout and exercise comes with instruction, cues, video demonstrations, and rep/weight recommendations. 

Get unlimited form feedback by submitting videos and ask me questions via in-app chat to hone in and really get the most out of your training.  This is the next best thing to personal training!  

Form Feedback Video Submissions

  • Perfect for those following a grab-and-go program and need some form feedback for kettlebell skills and strength movements. 

Nutrition Coaching

  • Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand.  Please see my nutrition services page and contact me if interested

Grab and Go Kettlebell Programs

  • Purchase workout programs delivered via PDF.

  • Completely self-paced and repeatable.

  • *Must have kettlebell experience or have completed the Kettlebell Kickstart 6-week program and feel comfortable with the basic movements. 


Zoom Personal Training

  • Train with me, remotely, 1:1 for completely customized and personalized workouts, real-time.  Can be used as a single session for skill work, or regularly for a continuous personalized program. 

  • *Limited availability*

In-Person Personal Training

  • Train with me in person.

  • I train at a gym in West Hollywood, CA. 

  • Please contact me if interested