About Me

Hi! I'm Kelli, a nutritionist based in Los Angeles, California, originally from Denver, Colorado.  I'm also a personal trainer obsessed with kettlebell training, strength training, and running.  When I’m not doing nutrition or fitness-y things I’m usually playing music or enjoying music, art, and entertainment.  I believe that the purpose of health is to support whatever it is you love to do.  The idea of eating well and exercising often is heavily convoluted by our modern diet culture, making it difficult to understand and stay consistent with healthy habits.  I help people find balance in their daily routine and support individual health needs in a realistic way.  When your health is properly supported by diet and lifestyle, then you can put your energy into the things most important to you!


My View on Optimizing Health

I used to think that feeling exhausted all the time, dealing with hormonal imbalances, digestive issues and constantly feeling like I’m at war with food was normal.  Truth is, feeling crappy isn’t normal.  Other things that aren’t normal is restricting food, obsessing over calories, binge eating and binge eater’s guilt, yo-yo dieting, and body shame.  I’m guilty of all of these things, and if you told me years ago that one day, most of these would be a thing of the past, I wouldn’t believe you.  But alas, I have learned ways to not only support my unique needs, but optimize them.  This is my goal for you and my mission statement across my nutrition and fitness business.  

Keeping it Functional

Functional - my personal favorite word in health.  My Master's in nutrition from the University of Western States allowed me to learn and practice the art of functional medicine.  Functional medicine is also known as root cause medicine - we dive deep into the exquisite physiology of the human body to find the underlying root cause of symptoms and conditions to truly heal and support.  In my practice, food and lifestyle is the medicine, and it's powerful.  

But functional doesn't stop there. Have you ever been given a meal or exercise plan that left you throwing in the towel sooner than desired?  If your recommendations don't support and fit your unique lifestyle, then it lacks functionality.  I help you find what works, regardless if you are a single mom of 6, an average 9-5 corporate worker who enjoys a social life, a touring musician with a hectic travel schedule, or an on-set actor working 14 hour days with limited food options.  I got you.  Functional doesn't mean perfect.  Functional means realistic and achievable and it is within your grasp, no matter who you are.  Let me help you. 



  • Master of Science, Nutrition and Functional Medicine

  • Bachelor of Science, Music

  • NASM certified personal trainer

  • RKC Kettlebell Certified

  • FMS Functional Movement Screening 1 & 2​​