A whole-body approach to optimize body and mind


Do you:

  • Want to support your health naturally, with food and lifestyle?

  • Have low energy or disruptive energy crashes? 

  • Experience uncomfortable digestive symptoms like bloating, reflux, diarrhea, or constipation?

  • Have trouble sleeping or staying asleep? 

  • Suspect hormonal imbalances or have menstrual/PMS struggles?

  • Experience depression or anxiety?

  • Follow diets and restrict foods, but still don't see results?

  • Struggle with binge eating or intense cravings?

  • Have trouble making progress in your workouts or training?

  • Want to discover what foods work best for your body?

What is Functional Nutrition?

My nutrition practice is rooted in functional medicine, which means we explore and correct underlying imbalances to ​improve symptom presentation.  Symptoms are your body's way of communicating, so I help you to listen and understand what your body is telling you and help facilitate rebalance. 

My areas of focus include: 

Gut and


Sports Nutrition
Performance Optimization

Mental Health 

Behavioral Nutrition
Intuitive Eating

Nutrition for Artistic and Entertainment careers


Immune and

Meet Kelli, MS, CPT

Hey! I am a functional nutritionist, personal trainer, education addict, musician, creative and cat mom.  

I live in Los Angeles, CA and I help artists, creatives, corporate workers and fitness enthusiasts feel good in their own skin through nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaching. 


I understand the unique demands of various careers and lifestyles and it's my passion to provide support and resources to optimize health, longevity, performance, and wellbeing. 

Client Experiences:


I have been meeting with Kelli weekly and then biweekly for nutritional support. Kelli’s intake process was thorough and I really felt like she saw me as a whole person. Kelli has helped me evaluate my current habits and help me seamlessly create new ones. I have been vegan for nearly 4 years and Kelli helped me adjust my supplements to make sure I was getting everything my body needed and encouraged new exciting and delicious recipes! We have also been working on balancing my hormones through my food choices and supplements. She has been kind and compassionate, fun and energetic about helping me remember the joy of cooking and nourishing my body well!

- Vanessa
Nutrition Counseling

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