Functional Nutrition

Personalized nutrition to optimize body and mind

Hey! I'm Kelli

Functional nutritionist, personal trainer, musician by night, cat mom, education addict, curious investigator, and creative thinker, challenging nutrition and health beliefs to support mind and body wellbeing.  

A Refreshing Approach to Healthy Living

My passion is to help you feel good in your own skin and create a strong relationship with food, movement, and your body.  

As a team, you and I will explore and uncover ways to optimize your nutritional and lifestyle habits to support your unique needs.  


I Can Help You:

  • ​Set realistic and attainable goals that embrace your individual body, genetics, and lifestyle.

  • Explore delicious foods and realistic eating habits to support your unique health needs. 

  • Increase energy levels and minimize energy crashes and spikes disrupting your day.

  • Improve and optimize your sleep to support rest and rejuvenation.

  • Learn how to support your gut for optimal digestion.

  • Feel grounded and connected to your body through mindfulness and stress management. 

  • Ditch yo-yo dieting and restrictive eating plans and find freedom in intuitive eating practices. 

  • Use meal prep to combat the stresses of a busy lifestyle.

  • Balance hormones and improve symptoms of hormonal fluctuation. 

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